About Lorrie and Lal


Shivakami (lorrie conglose)  studied with and received the title of Yoga Siromani by Bharata, a senior disciple of Swami Vishnu Devananda.  She has studied yoga at the Sivananda Ashrams in India, the Bahamas and New York.  After a severe back injury which had left her with extensive nerve and muscle damage lorrie used her yoga practice to heal both physically and emotionally.   Lorrie is also a licensed massage therapist, certified in Reiki, Thai Yoga, and experienced in aromatherapy, relaxation imagery and pain management through breath work.  She has worked as a Holistic Therapist for hospice, and has taught yoga extensively to children, adults, seniors and individuals with disabilities.  She founded and co-directs the Vastu School of Yoga with her life partner Lal, with whom, she has trained students from many diverse backgrounds.  lorrie approaches her teaching with reverence both for her lineage and her students.  She believes that in order to be a good teacher you must first be a dedicated student.  She teaches her students to first control the breath, then the mind and body.  Her passion and deep commitment to her practice, both on and off the mat , is inspiring and encouraging to others.




Lal Maharajh  -  Growing up in Ramrick Sadhu Sewala, (temple)  Yoga was a part of Lal’s life from a very early age.  He received initiation and mantras from his guru Pujya Sat Gurudev Pundit Lutchmee Persad, who ardently followed Swami Sivananda`s teachings of karma service.   In 1964 Lal received Janeau (sacred thread). When his daughter, Isis, passed at the age of 22 from cancer, meditation and Yoga quieted his mind and emotions. Lal immersed himself in a Yoga Teacher Training Intensive and received the title of Yoga Siromani from Bharata, a senior disciple of Swami Vishnu Devananda.  His commitment to the healing properties of Yoga prompted him to open Vastu School of Yoga.  Together with his life partner, Lorrie,  they have trained hundreds of individuals including doctors, law enforcement officers, teachers, pilots, military personnel,  hospice patients, business professionals, pundits, lawyers, etc. Lal believes that we never finish learning and that each student in turn is also a teacher.  Spreading the teachings of Yoga has taken him to many different parts of the world, fulfilling his passion.