A Yoga Weekend for Healing and Transformations

Heal Yourself and Transform the World

As You Change, the World around you Changes

Saturday and Sunday

January, 26 -27, 2013


 Retreat into your center and discover your true self through a series of heart opening workshops, bodywork and Yoga.  A relaxing and healing weekend surrounded by the tranquility of the carribean, and the home of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel.  Let go of old patterns and fears and create consciously with love.


The weekend is full of activities especially designed to connect you with your inner peace and experience your true nature.


Relax with Traditional Yoga and Aromatherapy

A series of gentle stretches, breath work and relaxation with essentials oils


  Yoga Nidra

A state of conscious extreme relaxation and subtler spiritual exploration.


Heart Centered Yoga focusing on the Anahata Chakra with Aromatherapy

A practice of heart opening asanas to bring about deep emotional releases and cultivate loving kindness for oneself, others and the world.



Individual Yoga Therapy Session

 Sessions are a gentle soothing and relaxing way to deal with physical, emotional and mental dis-ease… Our body is sometimes referred to as our subconscious mind and holds the key to our healing. These private sessions include placing you in passive and gentle yoga poses along with Reiki and Thai massage, allowing you to completely relax and learn to identify and let go of energetic blocks and imbalances. Deep physical and emotional releases are most often experienced by the receiver.


Sunset Metta Meditation

Buddhist Practice of Loving Kindness Meditation


 Sunrise Meditation at the Ixchel Goddess Temple

Located at the most southern point of the Island, the temple ground receives the first light of day .  We will celebrate the Sun’s rising with traditional Surya Namaskar and Mantras.


Embracing and Releasing Your Fears with Asana

 This practice of yoga postures and Pranayama (breathing exercises) releases fears and self imposed limitations.   Shine the light of compassion on all that frightens you, to find healing and freedom.


Creating Consciously with Love and Yoga

Merge with Maha Shakti, the divine feminine energy and agent for all change.  Through Yoga centered on the feminine, coupled with conscious breathing, we learn to be less reactive and more deliberate and aware of our actions.


Accommodations for our Yoga Retreats are at Vastu’s Yoga Shala, directly across from the Caribbean sea, with magnificent sunrises.  A great opportunity for those seeking a quiet refuge and peace of mind. Accommodations are a yogic environment with no meat, fish, alcohol  loud music, television or radios.

The Retreat includes:

  Accommodations at Vastu Yoga Shala across from the Caribbean Sea

Yogi Breakfasts,

One Individual Yoga Therapy Session

All workshops and Yoga classes

$3,500 pesos  or  $295.00 usd

Pay with Mexican Currency


Pay with US Currency


Us phone:  (954)200-6652  MXN Phone: (998) 215-0322

email:  VastuYoga@hotmail.com